What is the difference between organic & natural skin care

Nowadays is very common to heard people using natural and organic products. But what is the true difference between both? And why is becoming so popular?

Nowadays is very common to heard people using natural and organic products, everything that has to do with environmentalism is fashionable. Not only because it means that the planet is being helped, but also because it helps the body using this type of product. 

But the terms “organic” and “natural” can be misleading and are often used interchangeably even though they mean completely different thing. 
This can confused consumers into buying products that are not the products they were expecting. 

So what is the true difference between Natural & Organic products? 
And why is becoming so popular? 
Read below and you will end up knowing a bit more about it. 

Natural is any ingredient from a plant, mineral or animal is considered a natural product. So, a product that contains a handful of natural skin care can claim it’s natural, despite the addition of synthetic ingredients. The synthetic chemicals are produced through laboratory, to create synthetic versions of natural ingredients. 

Organic ingredients are those which were prepared and grow without pesticides, growth hormones or antibiotics,chemical fertilizers and are not tested on animals. 
In addition, they are products without dyes, preservatives, synthetic perfumes, silicons or animal substances and their transformation process does not pollute the environment. 
All the labels whose has organic ingredients must to pass for rigorous standards of purity. 

In general the differences between natural and organic skin care are that in the Natural care the products should be fully natural however is not regulated as the organic products. Some of the natural products can be tested in animals meanwhile the organics products are guaranteed chemicals free and are ecologically produced, the packaging is eco-friendly, as well as cruelty free.




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