There is a connection between mental clarity and physical wellness. When you are in shape, you have more energy. You can do more. You sleep better, think better and make better decisions. Weight loss has become a popular resolution. I need to lose weight quickly, what can I do? We ask. What’s the best way to lose weight? We quip. In the secrecy of our rooms, we Google – What’s the best way to lose weight fast?
For many, weight loss has been an elusive search, a running after the wind sort of thing. They try diets and give up along the way. They start exercise regimes or yoga and find that they lack the discipline. They try portion-control. They discover that they do not have the emotional finance to stick with it.

Losing weight is a daunting task.

It does not help that the society has embraced what the media is selling. It has adopted images of beauty that are unattainable but by a select few. This put’s pressure on anyone who does not conform. They face an external influence that often translates to self-loathing.
But let’s leave society aside. There are good reasons to want to shed a few pounds. Most of them, of course, surround healthy living. You should lose weight to avoid problems such as sleep apnea, obesity and so forth. Other benefits are such as immune system repair and overall well-being.
As times progress, the weight loss industry continues to find more innovations. It continues to find more ways to make money.
But all is not doom.
Statistics show that most people will fail at trying to lose weight. They also show a surprising success. This will be the gist of this article.

What is the most effective way to lose weight?

garcinia cambogia helps lose weightEnter garcinia cambogia.
Otherwise known as Malabar tamarind, garcinia is a small tropical tree fruit. The fruit is pumpkin shaped. It is not eaten fresh. It is normally to flavor cooking. Supplements are made from the fruit’s peel extracts.
In the 1960s, it was discovered to have an acid that resembles citric acid.
The acid, hydroxycitic acid, (HCA) has seen a lot of research over the last two decades. At first, it was a miracle weight loss supplement that worked well in rats.
It later gained popularity with more research. Since 2012, it has had a steady rise in popularity. It is as if ‘garcinia’ has become the new name of all personal trainers. And with good reason too.
(Garcinia cambogia, HCA and hydroxycitic acid refer to the same thing. They will appear interchangeably for the rest of this article.)

Garcinia is the most effective way to lose weight.

HCA has received a lot of notice in the weight loss community. Many people have reported astounding results with the products. Still, many continue to be skeptical. The most asked question of all is; is it legit?

Is garcinia cambogia good for you?

A lot of the legitimacy of a product depends on its use. HCA is not different. There is an extent to which the effectiveness of the product will depend on how you use it. HCA is not a miracle. It is not a magic wand you wave and voila- 50 pounds, gone. It is a tool.
Any one person who has ever smashed their finger with a hammer can attest. Tools only work to do what you want.
When you ask the question, it is not only a matter of effectiveness. It is also a question of safety. People want to know whether the supplement will harm them.
Many people read the possible side effects such as dry mouth or dizziness. They think the supplement to be somehow sub-par or dangerous to their health. As mentioned earlier, HCA is a tool and its performance hinges on use.
This is to say that sometimes the side effects will result from misuse.
It is worth mentioning that breastfeeding mothers or pregnant women should stay clear of the supplement. It is also not advisable for diabetics on insulin to take it. They need a doctor’s advice first. It may cause an unsafe blood sugar drop.

But is garcinia cambogia good for weight loss?

garcinia cambogia good for weight lossWhile HCA is no magic wand, it gives users an undue advantage. It is a good product if you want to reduce weight fast. If you are preparing for a wedding in a fortnight, you need to fit in a dress. Or if for some reason you want a fast result, HCA is an advisable tool.
People who have been asking ‘what help lose weight fast’ no longer have an excuse. HCA works by reducing appetite and blocking the production of fat. As far as concerns the rest of the body’s metabolism, HCA does little to alter.
That is the reason it is also good for people who have been working out. It is good for people who have plateaued in their weight loss programs. It can help you lose weight faster.

How does garcinia cambogia help you lose weight?

  • Reducing your appetite

The first studies on rats revealed that, given the supplement, they ate less. Human studies also show HCA to suppress appetite. It makes you feel full.
Garcinia has an active ingredient that increases serotonin in the brain. Seratonin is the hormone responsible for suppressing appetite.
These effects, of course, depend on the individual and the quantities.

  • Blocking fat production and reducing belly fat

HCA reduces the levels of fat in the blood. It also reduces oxidative stress in the body.
In overweight people, it reduces the accumulation of belly fat. It reduces risk factors for diseases as well. Such factors are as the total cholesterol levels, LDL, HDL and blood triglycerides.
It does this by inhibiting lyase, the enzyme responsible for fat production.

  • Speeding metabolism

Garcinia speeds up fat metabolism by supplementing it with hydroxycitic acid.

  • Enhancing athletic performance

HCA makes you feel satiated. It lowers the blood sugar levels and reduces inflammation. These factors, together increase your endurance during exercise.
HCA gives you extra benefits such as decreasing the levels of insulin and leptin. It also reduces inflammation and improves blood sugar control.

How do I lose weight quickly and effectively using HCA?

It is usually easy to view supplements as an either-or situation. You either take them or you don’t. For some of them, that is precise as far as it concerns results, but how you take HCA matters.
So how do you get the best out of HCA?

Choose your preparation wisely.
Preparation at a minimum of 50 percent HCA is the best. It must also have potassium or magnesium, not just calcium. A product with low lactone content is even more preferable.
Take an adequate dose
For Ca/K preparations a dose extract of 1.5g taken three times a day before meals is ideal. Various preparations will come with different instructions. Be sure to check the instructions for the one you buy and adhere to them.
HCA doses come in a range of mixtures and potencies. Extracting them can be difficult but always try to be as accurate as you can.
Take HCA on an empty stomach
This would be anywhere between one hour and 30 minutes before every meal. Taking on an empty stomach allows you to enjoy the benefits of the appetite curb.
In food, HCA can bind some components in the food and become inactive. This reduces the bio-availability of the supplement.
Take it with a glass of water
HCA works best if it is taken with water. Water allows it to be absorbed better into the blood.
Include light exercise
Incorporating light exercises in your daily schedule is a good idea. Remember, HCA is a supplement. In the sense of the word, it is to boost something that you are already doing.
The good news is you don’t need to run 12 kilometers to exercise. A little work out every day is more than enough to amplify the supplement’s effects.
Make dietary changes
Have you ever heard of the phrase ‘two steps forward, three steps back’? Taking a weight loss supplement without making any efforts to change what you eat beats the point. It is the embodiment of two steps forward, three steps back.

Do you get permanent weight loss with garcinia cambogia?

HCA is not just a quick fix to your weight issues. It is also a futuristic solution. Long-term weight loss with garcinia cambogia starts with planning. It begins with a decision to commit to losing belly fat.
Unlike what many will have you believe, a good supplement is half the battle, but your mindset is the other half. It will determine whether you discipline yourself. Taking the supplement at the right time, in the right way is no feat for the fickle.
While garcinia is good for a fast weight loss program, it is also suitable for a permanent solution. With a sustainable diet plan and exercise regime, you can use garcinia to keep the fat away.
A question that often comes coupled with this one is; does garcinia cambogia give you energy?
One of the hardest things about weight loss is dieting. Many people find it hard because they stop eating the foods they love. It makes them start to feel depleted. If this goes on for long, it can lead to depression. To end the anxiety, they result to emotional eating and gain back the weight they lost.
Anyone who has tried losing weight can tell you that you need energy. That is the beauty of HCA. It has active ingredients that affect the saturation of glycogen in the liver. This makes you feel satiated. It reduces the desire for sweet foods and increases your body’s energy levels.

To buy or not to: lose weight with garcinia cambogia.

So far, some things are sure. Garcinia has become popular because it works. It works by reducing fat production and reducing appetite. It also has side benefits like increasing endurance and lowering disease risk factors.
Presented with this information, the question might be whether to buy the supplement.
First off, like with other purchases, the decision must always be a personal one. It must follow a conviction that whatever you are buying is necessary for you. It must never be coerced.
Secondly, losing weight is difficult. If you can enlist the help of a product, why would you not? If the product’s quality is assured and its effectiveness you can bank on, even better.
There are online stores from which you can order the prescriptions. The official site sells a bottle at $58.45. The bottle has 60 capsules. They also have another option to buy more at once. Naturally, purchasing in bulk is always easier and cheaper.
The prescription is shipped anywhere in the world. But, some locations have an additional fee attached to it.

Is there a garcinia cambogia free trial? No, there is not.
However, there is a 60 days money back guarantee. This means that if in that time you have not lost weight, you cannot lose money. You will have your money returned.
So that you can determine whether it is working, you need to know your weight before starting. Record the dosage you take and the frequency.
Make a point to track these figures daily. Note the length of time it takes you to get a certain feeling. You should expect your appetite to be less. You begin losing weight slowly. If you can, do some light exercise.

Your journey to lose weight will not be easy. It will have tests. It will have moments of weakness. But garcinia really works to help you get past those moments. The real breakthrough is when you start losing that unwanted fat.
Who is the product for? – Anyone who is overweight or anyone who would like to lose weight. It serves athletes, who want to increase performance. It is a good motivator if you are feeling slow, for the pre-diabetic and for those who’ve hit a plateau in their exercise.